Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Sensational Character Find of 2006

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"Mother of Champions, who can give birth to a litter of 25 super-soldiers about every three days."
Has anyone asked her if she wants to? What if the Mother of Champions is pro-choice?

A litter? Of 25 full-grown men? Oh, there's got to be more to this.

I guess this is a good balance of characters: On the one hand, the new "lipstick lesbian" Batwoman, on the other, this feminist nightmare. They killed Superboy (praise be the Rolling Head of Pantha) to make room for her.

Yeah, this has Grant Morrison written all over it.


Daniel said...

How sexist of me to assume that the soldiers will be men. What was I thinking?

Between the Mother of Champions, the Silent Majority, Triplicate Girl and (over on the other side of the aisle) Jamie Madrox, comics stand to be full of thousands of indistinguishable characters. I mean, more than usual.

Vasu said...

I'm fairly confident that the sexist nature of Mother of Champions's powers is kind of the point. Y'know, the implications of massive state involvement in reproduction. It's Morrison, so I have faith that he's at least aware of the subtext.