Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Five (plus one) reasons to love Space Cabbie

Space Cabbie's on the cover, but they don't mention it!
So, Devon at Seven Hells says:
Will someone please, please, please explain to me the appeal of Space Cabbie?
Sure. In fact, I'll give you Five (plus one) reasons to love Space Cabbie:

Otto Binder.
Gardner Fox.
Gil Kane.
Bernard Sachs.

Like the Phantom Stranger, he doesn't have a real name. How cool is that? I see 'em hanging out together over coffee and Krispy Kremes between Crises. "Cabbie! Stranger! The doughnuts are hot now!"

In a world of Civil Wars and Kingdoms Come and gods who walk the earth, a "mere" human being can command his own destiny.

How can you not love him?

There's even fanfic about him. I'll bet if he teamed up with Vibe you'd appreciate him.

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Chance said...

Yeah, to me it's one of those obvious things, like talking gorillas, or sharks with frickin' laser strapped to their backs. How can you not love the concept?

Devon just likes to gripe.