Friday, June 09, 2006

An impossible mission

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI don't do reviews primarily because I don't want to commit spoilers, and I don't know how to review them without doing so. That's why most of the books I talk about are decades old and spoiler-proof.

But I must say that the further I got into the new Wonder Woman #1, the bigger my smile got. I won't tell you much about specifics, but I can say that writer Allan Heinberg gets it. This is a perfect #1 issue, which sets up a new status quo, supporting cast and rogue's gallery while discarding nothing from the character's 65-year history.

Wonder Woman doesn't have to live in a world of Greek mythology, but she is mythology personified. Heinberg and the Dodsons give her grace, dignity, and stature. She isn't an outsider in any of her worlds: She's a bridge.

The artwork is... gorgeous. Breathtaking. I wish I could get a high-res scan of the double-page splash, without word balloons, to use as my computer desktop.

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Shelly said...

It was wonderful and I absolutely loved the last page. Felt like I was back uh, in the '70s, was it? :) I loved that era of Wonder Woman.