Monday, May 08, 2006

Tarukor? I didn't even see her

Does this pose say 'streetwalker' to you?So Supergirl is dreaming the Legion of Super Heroes. You know, that makes as much sense as a lot of things in the Legion's history. She must have eaten some bad pizza to have come up with Bouncing Boy.

But wait. She's blaming it on tarukor - a Kryptonian dreamstate that occurs before adulthood.

Izzat so? Really? Funny how Kal-El never experienced that. Maybe it's a girl thing. Or maybe he did experience it, and imagined he had a Superboy period when he actually never did. Or maybe he actually did have a Superboy period during tarukor, and thought he was dreaming. Or maybe Kal-El is going to wake up any issue now, when his mom Lara calls him down to supper, and discover that he dreamed us.

I have a headache. Damn that Bobby Ewing.

Maybe the writer of Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes forgot to talk to the writer of Superman: Birthright. Yeah, that must be it.

No, wait, Mark Waid wrote both of 'em.


Mark Waid said...

Or maybe, unlike Kara, who grew up steeped in Kryptonian customs, Kal-El was ROCKETED FROM HIS PLANET AS A F*CK*NG INFANT.

Shamus said...

Wouldn't it be weird if the whole thing, including Supergirl dreaming of the Legion turned out to be the product of a comic book writers imagination on a planet where superheroes are just a fantasy.
Now that would be a twist!