Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Phantom Lady has no idea

Phantom Lady has no idea
Ragnell of the Written World performs a Phantom Lady Breastospective. If nothing else, it proves that since being acquired by DC, Phantom Lady has had a long run of illustrators who don't know how to draw women.

EDIT: The art is by Chris Jones and Keith Champagne, from All Star Comics 80 Page Giant #1, 1999. The word balloon is in the original (though I've made it larger for readability), and is a response to Wonder Woman's accusation that "Your costume blatantly invites the dark stares of men."


Chawunky said...

Heck, and that image you've got there is one of the relatively reasonable ones. At least it depicts a rather plausible anatomy.

Whose work is it?

Chawunky said...

Well, except for the right leg. And the upper left arm is a bit off somehow. Ah well. You get the idea. (apologies for the dubbapost).

Daniel said...

The biggest problem with this particular panel isn't the female anatomy involved, but the fact that she cannot possibly be sitting on that chair in that position. Unless she's in the process of falling off the chair.