Thursday, June 09, 2011

Nope, it's all still wrong, again, except that it sort of isn't : The DC UNIVERSE Reboots in September, New #1s Across the Line

So they're rebooting everyth... "Don't call it a reboot!"

Oooo-kaaaay. So all they're really doing is redesigning the character costume guide sheets. Well, they've done that before. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez must be getting pretty old by now. Superman finally loses those red trunks. (Boy, they must really be embarrassed by those.) Everybody gets high collars, except Wonder Woman. (Hey, we know why guys buy that, on the *ahem* rare occasions when they do buy that. At least we put her in pants. See how enlightened we are?)

We are going to keep trying until we get you to buy the line as we envisioned it in 1973. (Hawk and Dove by Rob Liefield? Who demanded that?)

Okay, I see, the 75th anniversary of Superman will be for issues cover-dated June 2013 (Action #1 was June 1938). Anything can happen in two years.

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