Friday, May 27, 2011

Everything you know is wrong... again

A new world.
A world full of heroes, familiar yet different.
A world spiralling into darkness with no redemption in sight.

"Jumping on point for new readers"
Obsolete usage: Fully self-explanatory.
Current usage: Discontinuous.

  • When did comics creators get so bored with their own big-name properties that they would rather do ANYTHING ELSE than write for them as they are?
  • Since they clearly do feel that way, why don't they go to work somewhere else?
  • How often do they have to tell us "everything we know is wrong" before we understand that they think we are stupid?


Budd said...

probably when they started believing the screen writers when they said that comic stories can't sell to movies and need to be oblitherated in order to make a sellable comic movie.

Daniel said...

I almost get that reasoning when they point out that more people saw [hero] on the FIRST WEEKEND in theaters than bought an actual [hero] comic book in the previous ten years.

But on the other hand, why did you want to license the concept if you weren't going to use it?