Friday, March 25, 2011

Early cross-promotion

Here's a very early example of a continued story in DC comics. Sort of.

On the left is Adventure 152, starring Superboy. In this story, prompted by a "what I want to be when I grow up" essay assignment, Clark travels to Metropolis to "try on" several potential jobs. He eventually settles on "newspaper reporter". His essay wins a writing contest, the prize for which is presented by a surprise guest, reporter Perry White, who invites Clark to contact him when he's older.

On the right is Action 144, starring Vigilante. (Just kidding.) In this month's Superman story, Clark happens to find the cover page for the edition of the Daily Planet that contains his first by-line. This inspires him to reminisce about having met Perry White while still in high school, and his later attempts to see White in order to apply for a position as a reporter. The same scene of young Clark winning that writing award is seen in flashback.

Both comics would have been on the racks in the same week of March 1950. Neither story has ever been reprinted.

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