Sunday, March 13, 2011

Administrative trivia 2

You know what? I changed my mind. Or maybe I rebooted myself. Have it whichever way you like. I realized that I get more pageviews here than on my general purpose blog, so it really makes no sense to shut this one down and move over there.

So I figure I must have been temporarily replaced by the me from an alternate future (maybe 2017, that sounds sufficiently random) where middle-aged balding fat guys are persecuted by the government after passage of Anti-Normal-Old-Coot Legislation in 2012. Yeah, that must be it. Sounds entirely credible.

Suu-ure it does. I've been waiting for the Earth-2 me to show up for most of my life, but I've just figured out he's me. It's the Earth-1 me I have to watch out for.

Or that nerd Barry Allen. Can't trust a man with a bow tie and crew cut.

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