Monday, July 04, 2011

Too complicated

Why do you insist on giving us these over-rendered monstrosities? Your characters' costumes should be clean, simple and iconic. That's why the characters are iconic as well. We really, really do not need to know where the seams are. And we do not need to see every muscle and tendon clearly defined. It's a comic book. It's supposed to be unrealistic.

Why does Superman need armor? I'm reminded of a throwaway panel in a fifty-year-old comic in which Superman is doing mighty deeds in a suit of knightly armor because his uniform has apparently lost its invulnerability. Looked silly then. Looks silly now.

Why does Aquaman need fish scales? He's not a fish and has never pretended to be. Besides, with that color he would have to be a goldfish, which doesn't exactly strike fear in the hearts of aquatic villains.

I'll buy that Superboy can be tattooed: His powers don't work the same way Superman's powers do. But why would he want to be?

Why do Supergirl's new thigh boots have peek-a-boo knees?

Why does Robin need feathers? He doesn't stand out enough in red and yellow?

The Flash isn't electric: The air shouldn't crackle around him. Unless his suit is wool. Yikes.

Why does the whole darn JL(A?) need nehru collars?

And Wonder Woman is... You know what? I'm not going to complain. I actually like this. I'd prefer the pants were a deep blue rather than black, but otherwise this is fine.

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