Saturday, March 08, 2008

Shirtless Saturday - Princess Diana of Themyscira

Justice League New Frontier Special
Why is it that so many writers can spend so many years struggling with Wonder Woman's role in the DC comics "trinity", but Darwyn Cooke can nail it in 24 pages?

This isn't it, of course. This is just a thin excuse to have her remove her top.

Well, that's OK too.

[From Justice League New Frontier Special #1.]


Laurel said...

An excuse? Maybe, but I read it as Wondy's inventing the Second Wave feminist act of bra-burning. Works in context.

Evie said...

I also read it as bra burning in the context of Gloria Steinem showing up at the end. Amazing (and hilarious) WW story.

Daniel said...

I am an idiot.

The bra-burning angle never occurred to me. I have no excuse: I'm old enough to remember that phase of feminist activism.