Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shirtless Saturday - Kara Zor-El

To initiate this feature, I chose the DC universe's favorite strumpet, Kara Zor-El, showing off her considerable underage charms to a Kandorian tattoo artist. From Supergirl #6.

In all seriousness, though, I do have two questions about this. Not "What were they thinking?" since I think we've established that they weren't thinking.

One: Does she still have it, or were the events of "Candor" retconned away in a flurry of alternate earths and timelines?

Two: Can someone with a better grasp of Kryptonian tell me what it said?



Sleestak said...

That tat says "Place Beer Here"

Apple said...

I went back through the issues to translate the letters out (they're directly from the symbol language to english so we can read what's being said, so it's not quite as hard as you'd think!) specifically to translate what her tattoo says, and after about 20 minutes spent perusing the pages, came up with a symbol for every letter but C and Q, as well as two different symbols for E (however the mystery, second symbol for E only shows up in a sign saying "Eat at Joe's" in issue 7 page 3, which is cute. So I'll let their momentary lapse in correct translation of letters slide ;D ).

The answer to your question is: Her tattoo says "Hope". For a little, I was thinking it said "HOM", however I didn't have the symbol for P figured out until I started translating additional, background signs in issue 6 page 1. One of the signs says "Live Show" which is repeated twice in the same page, and the other sign says "Superman The Movie", also isue 6 page 1.

Other tidbits:
"How like your father Kal-El" and "You arrogant buffoon" issue 5 page 19,
"I am so going to enjoy killing you" issue 5 page 20,
"Yes, freed at last" issue 3 page 21
"KNEEL" issue 7 page 1
"OBEY" and "KNEEL" issue 8 page 1
and so on :)