Sunday, September 30, 2007


If I were Say It Backwards, I'd put this image in my blog header.

Occasional Superheroine presents some Hot Comic Book Action. I see "Smallville" is going back to the basics: Women without pants. I take it this Kara isn't supposed to be underage.

Then OS talks about Weddingus Interruptus with Dead Arrow. Who, come on, you know he isn't dead. He's getting a "Year One"! And I must be the only reader who isn't that fond of Amanda Conner's art. I mean, it's OK, but everybody else is raving about the wonderfully emotive faces, but to me, everybody just looks drunk. Which, I guess, is appropriate at a wedding reception, but Power Girl looked drunk in her mini, too.

Dave Ex Machina presents clothing for the discerning geek. I could have sworn I saw these shirts at DragonCon.

Rachelle at Living Between Wednesdays wants to hear some cheery stories about people for whom their mutual love of comic books helped them bond. I don't have one, so if you do, you know what to do.

HarperCollins to reprint Scott McCloud's ZOT! for July 2008. If I'm reading this right, it's not complete: It's collecting only the material first published in black and white.

Major Spoilers presents an iconic image from All-Star The Goddamn Batman.

Devon at Seven Hells takes this opportunity to re-examine major DC events of the past twenty years and see how the new characters introduced in these events are doing. He's a lot kinder than I would be.
  • Pariah - dead
  • Lady Quark - dead? (Hey, maybe her Earth is back!)
  • Harbinger - dead
  • Question - dead
  • Blue Beetle - dead
  • Captain Atom - retconned beyond all recognition
  • Nightshade - I thought you said "major characters"? Well, retconned beyond recognition anyway.
  • Peacemaker - retconned beyond recognition
  • Son of Vulcan - who?
  • Wildcat II - dead
  • Flash III (Wally West) - still doing OK, I guess... (does he really count as a creation of "Legends"?)
  • Vril Dox and L.E.G.I.O.N. - yawn
  • Monarch I - dead
  • All of the "Bloodlines" characters - yawn, with the possible exception of Hitman
  • Starman (Jack Knight) - dead?
  • Stargirl - so far, so good
  • Neron - yawn
  • Hourman 1,000,000 - dead
I have to say DC's character creation skills don't look good here. When Firestorm looks like an elder statesman, something is wrong.


thomas said...

I'm pretty shameless. I don't think I'm quite that shameless.

The Fortress Keeper said...

I agree with you about the all "wonderful" characters created by DC's crossovers.

And, hey, don't forget the New Guardians!

Or, on second thought, maybe you should forget them!