Thursday, June 21, 2007

Backwards and in high heels

To his credit, the first thing [name recused to prevent spoilers, even though after the announcements of the past week it's not much of a secret any more] does when he appears in the new Justice League of America #10 is make sure that these three are all right. That rings true, touchingly so.

But after that moment, nobody speaks to or of them at all. The redheads are never even named. * (Don't get me wrong, I enjoy continuity porn as much as the next geek, but damn if I don't miss all that Weisinger-era exposition. These days the readers are left to put the pieces together as best they can, and if the creators don't think it's working, they say "Well, we never actually said that's who they are" and rewrite history again.)

I mean, if they are who they appear to be (and [name recused's] comments make it clear that they are), they've experienced everything [name recused] has in the last year, and should be just as disoriented and in need of hugs-all-around as he appears to be, ** not squeezed into the corner of the panel smiling beatifically. *** (Did they swap sainthood tips with Barry or Gwen while they were gone?)

"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels."

* Which brings up another question. Howcome Bart had to borrow a suit to come back (leaving Saint Bartholomew the Elder streaking through the Speed Force, I presume) but Linda and the MacGuffin Twins got to hang with the same mid-thirtieth century future-pasterrific tailors the *ahem* real Legion use?

** I'm in for the next chapter, but if [name recused] does the "I think I was in heaven" Buffy-thing he looks to be heading toward, I'm going to be awfully disappointed.

*** I hate it when supporting characters know they're only supporting characters in someone else's life. Don't buy a refrigerator, Linda! It'll only lead to tragedy!

LATER: Okay, I surrender. I am apparently unable to make one particular point understood. I'm just sayin', if I get a choice between these twins...

...and those twins...

...well, I know which ones I'd want to hit with the ol' Omega Effect, you know? I mean, I like Iris' take on the Kid Flash uniform, but everything else in the Kingdom universe can go.


Ragnell said...

I'd like to blame Ed Benes for drawing them as accessories to Wally rather than people who are disoriented and Brad Meltzer for not bothering to write the part of the scene where Wally introduces his family to Hal and Roy.

Even though he spent half an issue on a game of Capture the Fucking Flag at the beginning of this crossover, he doesn't make time to show Wally introducing his family to Hal and Roy.

zeb aslam said... This isn't Dawn and Don ALLEN. It's Iris and Barry West. Much more recent and well the clothing is weird. But they are West people...not Allens.

And I'm not sure about Barry because I don't remember the male kid's name...but the girl is definitely Iris.

Daniel said...

The West twins weren't named in the Wally West run of The Flash.

"Barry and Iris" are from Kingdom Come, which is now defined as another of the 52 earths, not an alternate future.

Don and Dawn were the "Tornado Twins" from the Legion story in Adventure #373. Admittedly, they were revealed to be Barry's children, and they were blondes, not redheads -- and in that era girls were expected to wear skirts.

Allowing for that, these two look a lot more like Don and Dawn than Barry and Iris. (As I said, they seem to share the same tailor.) But they could yet turn out to be Imogene and Eustace.

naladahc said...

They never said how long they were in the Speed Force or who-knows-where they were.

But Wally, Linda, and the two babies went away at the same time and now they reappear.

Why would they enter with their children and then leave with Barry and Iris Allen's children? That doesn't make any sense.

They probably just did the costume thing as an homage to that history. It is probably a whole new thing.