Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Realistic superheroes is an oxymoron

Let me approach the fracas du jour from another direction:

This is the cover of the comic that introduced Steel (later Commander Steel, now Citizen Steel, not to be confused with John Henry Irons) to the DCU. Can anyone explain to me how this costume could possibly be drawn, or the character posed, such that it does not draw attention straight to Steel's crotch?

That said...

...what's the difference? Why does it matter now, when it never has before?

In that light, it seems perfectly reasonable that if you're going to make people look there, you might as well put something there worth the trouble.

I've been saying that comics are over-rendered for years now, ever since Neal Adams gave Batman chest hair. This is what it took to get any kind of agreement from the comics community?

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