Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Living in a Platinum world

You know, I thought I was really reaching when I suggested a Jimmy Olsen backup story in a new, reformulated All Star.
Wizard Entertainment | [UPDATED] COUNTDOWN
PAUL DINI: I’d say our everyman character in the story is Jimmy Olsen, who to a great degree fits that bill within the DC Universe anyway. He has links to the Justice League, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the New Gods. And he is in the unique role of being not only a traveler through the mainstream DC Universe, but also becomes increasingly aware that he might have a bigger part to play in all this than he’s ever suspected. His quest to find out his role is one of the major driving points of Countdown.
Jimmy is going to be Countdown's Ralph Dibny. It's going to be really confusing if both stretching redheads in the DCU grow beards. Is Jimmy even old enough to grow a beard? Or is that part of his Quest?

Wait. "He has links to...the Legion of Super-Heroes..."? He does? Even now, after multiple reboots? Can Arm Fall Off Boy be far behind?

Or maybe Jimmy loses an arm in a silly-putty-related accident, and Professor Potter searches for a way to enable Jimmy to grow the arm back, like a lizard, but instead reawakens the latent Giant Turtle Boy!

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