Thursday, September 14, 2006


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usLet's check my work.

First: Yes, they cheated by changing silhouettes and bow color, but it's not like it's the first time they've done that.
Forward center, a Green Lantern: Oh, you know it's Hal.
Two o'clock, a Green Arrow: I'd love to see Arsenal, but it's far more likely to be Connor.
Well, don't that beat all. It is Arsenal, probably to be known as "Red Arrow" now. Unless someone thinks "Arsenal" starts with an R. Maybe the belt was a "graduation" present from Ollie. Ollie never was one of the DCU's great thinkers.

Perhaps it's time for Fawcett's Golden Arrow to put in an appearance. (In light of this development, things don't look good for Connor Hawke in his upcoming miniseries.)
Top, a Hawkperson: Look at that headpiece. It's Hawkgirl.
Top left: Given his vapor trail, that almost has to be Red Tornado.
Check. The worst-kept secret in comics.
Top right: Bulleteer.
Right center, behind Superman: Zatanna. Second thoughts: Vixen.
Well, at least I put Vixen somewhere. I really wasn't expecting Black Canary, but if someone had to "graduate" from Birds of Prey, she's the logical candidate.
Above Zatanna, to the right of Batman: That silhouette is so generic it could be almost anybody, but given all the talk about a Teen Titan "graduating" into the JLA, I'm thinking it has to be Cyborg.
And taking the Bald Black Guy chair, previously held by John Stewart and Dale Gunn, we now have... Black Lightning? Another oops for me.

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