Thursday, February 23, 2006

The End of the League?

Justice League UnlimitedScripps Howard News Service | No Justice for the League
Take a brilliant show like "Justice League Unlimited" (10:30 p.m. EST Saturdays, Cartoon Network). It's the best series on Cartoon Network, and it certainly is as worthy of praise as anything "Adult Swim" offers. But the audience just isn't there. And that's too bad.
Not having cable, I had no idea that Cartoon Network buries this series at 10:30 pm Saturday nights. I'm at the mercy of home video releases and torrents to see this spectacularly good show. For years I didn't care, because the lackluster 90-minute pilot did nothing to convince me that the show would be worth the trouble.

But not only do they know who Vandal Savage and the Ultra-Humanite are, but they managed to make them sympathetic characters--without contradicting their histories as depicted in the comics.

Ah, well. It's had a five-year run, 84 91 episodes: That's an eternity in animated-series years.

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