Monday, October 10, 2005


Before DC's Infinite Crisis is over, there will be a new Blue Beetle. Yeah, yeah, I know, that's a lot like predicting Mr Haney will show up in a random episode of "Green Acres".

Either: (A) The new Beetle will be a woman, or (B) The new Beetle will be Booster Gold in a new costume, since his old identity is being systematically shredded.

All these fans who are salivating at the prospect of DC re-creating the Multiverse (Earth-1, Earth-2, etc) can just get over it. It ain't gonna happen.

Batman isn't going to change nearly as dramatically as some people think.

Billy Batson will become the new "Shazam", and Mary Marvel will resume operations as the one true Captain Marvel.

Jim Corrigan (from Gotham Central) will become the Spectre. Something about destiny. (Mind you, I'd really rather see Sue Dibny get the job. There's fresh ground for you: a pert Spectre. She and Death can pal around.)

More as I think of 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Geoff Johns just stated "Booster Gold will not be the new Blue Beetle. There are other plans for both of these characters." in a Q and A over at Newsrama:
That leaves your option A.

I think the multiverse may be back in the sense that it never went away. If there were only the matter and anti-matter universes, there'd be no Wildstorm universe for Captain Atom to be in (I know we could both mention several other examples). However, Earths 1, 2, 4, S, and X as we knew them are irretrievably blended into the current DCU Earth.

Elsewhere in the 9 page or so Johns Q and A is a cameo by Mark Waid where he backpeddles a little on his Batman comment. He says he was talking more about how they had darkened things since Identity Crisis.

I have no idea what they're going to Marvel family.

If we get Corrigan back as the Spectre's host we should get Kent back for Fate. Changing the Spectre and Dr. Fate after the Crisis never made any sense to me; with these two, you had no problem with time elapsed since WW2 that you had with other Society members. (Of course, the PTB wanted them all pretty much tossed anyway; Roy Thomas was nice enough to prebuild the Ragnorak safety net which eased the eventual return.)

I'll be very disappointed if Kal-L, the previous Earth 2 Superman, is involved. Let him and Lois enjoy the paradise universe.

Mumblety-mumblety hours until the new Crisis.