Saturday, September 24, 2005

What DC should do

DC should revive and heavily promote its version of Thor (since Marvel isn't using theirs anymore). I can think of several ways to do this. Perhaps in a team book with their Hercules and Quicksilver (last seen traveling under the name Max Mercury). Perhaps this would be a logical direction in which to take their new "Son of Vulcan" title.

Or, maybe, a completely different Thor. One of the early Manhunters used to have a dog named Thor. No reason the current Manhunter couldn't have one.

When Marvel complains, offer to cease and desist in return for permission to promote DC's "Captain Marvel" character under his own name.

If Marvel is stubborn, make veiled hints regarding the Sentry's resemblance to a certain DC property who also wears an "S" on his costume. Mention the rumors that Marvel is going to republish Alan Moore's Marvelman/Miracleman series and hint that, difficult as that has been, it could get a lot harder (since the character originated as an unlicensed steal of Captain Marvel).

I'm sure they could work something out if they really wanted to.

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